What is an encumbrance?

An encumbrance is a block placed on your account that stops you from accessing various University services.

If you have unpaid fees or fines, or you’ve failed to provide enrolment documentation a systems block will be placed on your account that will prevent you from sitting an eExam, requesting an academic record or graduating. You’ll also lose access to your results, Moodle, library, and enrolment services until the encumbrance is removed.

Reasons for an encumbrance

Reasons for an encumbrance include:

  • overdue fees, including General Amenities Fees
  • non-payment of other study costs incurred as part of your study
  • unpaid late enrolment fee or other fines
  • School equipment not returned
  • failure to meet the student pass requirements (i.e. proper cancellation of student pass, late renewal of student pass application) or irresponsive communication for a period of over fourteen(14) days).
  • failure to complete the Enrolment Questionnaire
  • Suspension for academic or general misconduct
  • Exclusion due to unsatisfactory academic progress

If you don't complete a compulsory module

A block may also be placed on your account if you haven’t completed a compulsory module by the due date, which will prevent you from getting your final results, ordering an academic record (transcript), or graduating. Further information on this is available on our webpage for General Studies and compulsory modules.

How to get an encumbrance removed

To get an encumbrance removed, you’ll need to resolve the problem that led to the block being placed on your account (e.g. by paying unpaid fees or fines, or renewing/cancelling your student pass).

If you’re encumbered, we’ll email your Monash account with details and instructions on how to get the encumbrance removed.

Please be aware that once you have resolved the reason(s) for your encumbrance, your access to services will be restored within two working days.

Check whether you’re encumbered

If you’re unsure whether you’re encumbered, check your Monash email account, as we’ll have notified you.

Paying overdue fees and fines

For instructions on how to make a payment, see fee payment methods.

Payments and transfer time

Depending on your payment method, transfer times may vary. If paying by cheque, credit card or local Electronic Fund Transfer (e.g. GIRO, RENTAS), this takes about two working days. For telegraphic transfer outside Malaysia, transfer time may be around five working days.

Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll restore your access to services, which can take another two working days. If your access is not restored within that time, contact Finance Helpdesk.

Invalidated (cancelled) enrolment

If you have debts that remain unpaid (and you did not consult us to make payment arrangements ) or you haven’t supplied the documentation that we requested, your enrolment will be invalidated (cancelled).