Instalment Payment Plan

Tuition Fee Instalment Payment Plan

1. This instalment plan is only applicable to

a. students enrolled in Monash University Malaysia degree courses, and

b. tuition fees only.

2. General fees, such as the application fee, registration fee and general amenities fee do not form part of the instalment plan and must be paid in the first instalment.

3. Fee payments are divided into 3 (three) instalments:

a. 50% by the end of the 1st week of the commencement of teaching;

b. 25% by the end of the 6th week from commencement of teaching; and

c. 25% by the end of the 12th week from commencement of teaching.

4) Late payment of fees will lead to an encumbrance being placed on your enrolment and may result in the following where your access to WES is restricted.

a. You will not be able to access your exams results;

b. You will not be able to apply to  graduate;

c. A late payment fee of RM100.00 will be imposed

5. An administrative fee of 4% will be levied on the total instalment amount, up to maximum of RM200.00/instalment excluding the first instalment.

6. The approval of this scheme is at the discretion of Monash University Malaysia.

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