This section explains the things you need to know about paying your academic fees whilst at Monash University Malaysia.

It is very important that, before you commence your studies, you should ensure that you will have sufficient funds to pay for your studies from initial registration through to completion of your studies.  These pages will explain why, and what you need to do if your circumstances change.

How will I know what is my semester's fee?


Monash University Malaysia does not send out invoices (bills) indicating how much and when semester fee is due.

To find out about your semester fee:

New students :

If you have just joined the University, the tuition fee for your first academic semester fee will be as stated in the offer letter that you will have already received from the University.

If you have been successful in obtaining a Scholarship or Bursary, your offer letter will show the fee payable before deduction of this scholarship, bursary and any other discounts. You will need to prepare the payment by using the amount stated in your offer letter, and subsequently deduct scholarship, bursary or any other discount (if any).

Current students:

Returning students will receive an email to their University email accounts only and not to their personal email addresses about a month before the semester begins, giving an online link (http://www.monash.edu.my/finance) to students to generate their semester’s fee online via Fee Calculator.

You are encouraged to check your email account regularly to ensure that you are aware of any issues with fee payments or other aspects of University life.

When is the semester fee payment due date?

Below is the 2022 Semester’s payment due date:

SemesterPayment Due Date
February 202204 March 2022
July 202229 July 2022
October 202228 October 2022

What are my payment options for the semesters’ fee?

All students are required to make full payment of their semester’s fee at the beginning of each semester by the semester’s payment due date.

For Malaysian students, you have the option of paying your tuition fee via:

EPF Withdrawal

Students who have yet to apply to EPF or waiting for approval are to pay the full tuition fees in one lump sum or in instalment payments.  Please apply online before semester payment deadline to avoid late payment fee by click this link.  Please refer to the user guide. The processing time is 5 working days.


PTPTN will release the loan directly to students' bank accounts on semester basis subject to students passing the examination.

Students waiting to obtain their PTPTN loans are required to pay the full tuition fees.

Successful PTPTN loan applicant students are required to pay the full tuition fees in one lump sum or in instalment payments or subject to University’s payment method.

Please ensure that the balance semester fee not covered by EPF withdrawal / PTPTN loan is to be paid by payment due date to avoid late payment fee.

How can I pay my semester fee?

Please click Fee Payment Methods

How can I estimate the semester fee I will incur for the upcoming year?

Yearly semester fee may be subjected to an increase of maximum 6% percent of current year’s tuition fee.

*Please note that the published fee for the upcoming year shall be made available in the month of November each year.

What to do if you are finding it difficult to pay your fees

Please do not ignore requests for payments and late fee payment correspondence.  We want to ensure that you can pay your fees and if you are having difficulties please speak to, or contact us, as we can advise you as to your options or contact your department who will work with us to resolve the issues.

We can look to agree on Pre-Approved Installment Plan which would allow you to change the period you pay your fee in the short term, Or if the payment difficulties are likely to continue for an extended period of time, we can direct you to your School to discuss whether suspending your studies with the University would allow you time to resolve any financial difficulties.

If you wish to talk to someone about your fees situation, the University has a private meeting room in our Finance Unit where you can come and discuss your issues with one of our advisers.

Instalment Payment Plan

1. This instalment plan is only applicable to

a. students enrolled in Monash University Malaysia degree courses, and

b. tuition fees only.

2. General fees, such as the application fee, registration fee and general amenities fee do not form part of the instalment plan and must be paid in the first instalment.

3. Fee payments are divided into 3 (three) instalments:

Semester1 20222 2022Oct 2022
1st instalment (50% tuition fee)10 Mar 202210 Aug 202210 Nov 2022
2nd instalment (25% tuition fee)10 Apr 202210 Sep 202210 Dec 2022
3rd instalment (25% tuition fee)10 May 202210 Oct 202210 Jan 2023

a. You will not be able to access your exams results;4. Late payment of fees will lead to an encumbrance being placed on your enrolment and may result in the following where your access to WES is restricted.

b. You will not be able to apply to  graduate;

c. A late payment fee of RM100.00 will be imposed after instalment(s) due date.

Applicants shall receive an email send to registered Monash student email address after your application is processed.

Please click here to apply for Tuition Fee Instalment Payment Plan.

Other Payment plans

Other payment plans will be considered if you are finding it difficult to pay your fees according to the scheduled payment dates, you should contact Finance Helpdesk to discuss your enrolment options at least 1 week before semester payment due date.  In order for other payment plans to be considered, we need to understand the reason why your financial position has changed from when you joined the University and we may require documentary evidence in support of this.

You need to give careful consideration as to whether you will be able to meet the agreed payment plan as once it has been agreed, we will expect payment to follow.

Agreed payment plans will always ensure that semester tuition fee has been paid in full prior to the next academic year.  If the fee due in a period of study is not paid, you will not be permitted to start your next academic year.

To apply, you'll need to:

1. submit a request to Finance Helpdesk for a further instalment(s) and include:

a. proposed up to a total of four instalment dates for payment of your outstanding fees (before swot vac ends)

b. supporting documents showing a change in your circumstances that were outside your control and have led to difficulty paying  your fees

c. supporting documents showing that you're able to pay your outstanding fees by the proposed due date (e.g. proof of income, 3 months bank statement of a family member paying your fees).

Non-payment of fees

If students does not pay the tuition/general fees by due date, the student shall be charged a late payment of RM100 and a penalty of RM100 for every month of non-payment thereafter.  If the student continues to have outstanding tuition/general fees, the student enrolment at Monash University will be encumbered.  This will result in the computer and library access being withdrawn and the examination results being withheld, and the student will not be permitted to enroll in the following semester until all outstanding fees have been paid.  Further delays in paying the outstanding tuition/general fees will result in the student’s enrolment at Monash University being invalidated. International students who are invalidated will be reported to the Department of Immigration for breach of student pass condition.

If you do not pay your Fees within the due date, or do not contact the University and agree on a payment plan, we will start our process for collecting the fees that you owe.

The key points are that your portal may be interrupted and your enrollment may be invalidated, and ultimately withdrawn from the University for non-payment of fees. Therefore, it is important to contact us if you have difficulties in paying your fees as we can only work to resolve any issues by discussing them with you.

Guideline on Refund

Normally, no refunds will be made after the fourth week of teaching.  The grounds for refunds are set out below:

Full refunds

  • Withdrawal of an offer of a place by the university or the university’s inability to provide the course. This would include the situation where a student could not meet a condition required by the university in its letter of offer. (If the offer is withdrawn on the basis of the application/student supplying incorrect or incomplete information, the university reserves the right to retain 10 percent of the first semester’s tuition fee).
  • Exclusion by the university, for failure to meet degree progression rules where fees were paid in advance of notification of exclusion.
  • Refusal by the Malaysian Government authorities to grant a student visa.
  • Illness or disability preventing the student from taking up the course.
  • Death of a close family member (parent, sibling, spouse or child).
  • Other special or extenuating personal circumstances preventing a student from taking up a course may be accepted for a full or partial refund at the discretion of the Finance Manager of Monash University Malaysia, prior to the commencement of the course.
  • Documentary evidence must be provided in support of an application for a refund under any of the above provision.

Partial refunds

  • Where a student, having paid his or her tuition fee for one semester in advance, gives notice in writing to Monash University Malaysia, at least four weeks prior to the commencement of teaching in that semester (or four weeks prior to the specified date for the commencement of a research program), of an inability to undertake the course, tuition fee paid in respect of the semester is refundable less an administrative fee of 10 percent. For Summer semester, the notice must be given by student at least one week prior to the commencement of teaching in Summer semester.
  • Where a student gives notice in writing less than four weeks prior to the commencement of teaching in that semester or less than one week notice in a Summer semester of an inability to undertake the course, tuition fee paid for the semester is refundable less 20 percent (including an administrative fee of 10 percent).
  • A student who withdraws from a course within the first four teaching weeks (or four weeks of a research program) or first week of Summer semester, shall be eligible for a refund of 50 percent (including an administrative fee of 10 percent), provided all fees have been paid: otherwise 50 percent of tuition fee is due to the university.
  • The policy of partial refunds applies equally to commencing students and continuing students.

Application for a full or partial refund must be made in writing to the Finance Manager of Monash University Malaysia setting out the reasons for the request, and accompanied by supporting documentation as appropriate. Where fees are paid by a party on behalf of the student, the University reserves the right to notify the party concerned. If you discontinue a single semester unit in the first four weeks of the semester, there is no financial penalty. If you discontinue a single semester unit from the commencement of the fifth week, you will be charged general fees for the unit and full unit fees.

General Fees

  • All general fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.

Please note that refunds will not be immediate. However, they will be processed in a timely manner, but are subject to the University authorisation process and bank processing timings.

For more information on Fees, please refer to The University's Student Fee policy.
Other Fees

NoType of FeeAmount
1Academic TranscriptRM20 per copy
2Student LetterRM10 first copy
3Late Addition of Unit(s)RM100
4Late Re-enrolment Fee (WES)RM200
5Late Application for Admission (new student)RM100
6Replacement of Student IDRM15

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