Exam Feedback and Performance

Taking the time to reflect on your exam performance can make a huge difference to how you approach future assessment. This process of self‐assessment can enable you to evaluate your own work, and to identify the areas in which you may need to improve. Feedback on your performance in exams is provided in two stages in the Faculty of Information Technology:

Stage 1
Exam Summary Feedback - available on your Moodle site once official results are released.

Stage 2
Exam/final assessment feedback - apply for more detailed feedback.


We are unable to offer physical exam/final assessment viewing sessions, however you may wish to apply for the following opportunity to view your exam/final assessment performance.

The primary objective of receiving feedback on your final assessment is:

to provide academic feedback to the student on their exam performance, enabling them to understand where they went wrong and to thereby improve their future learning.’

This feedback will take place in a Zoom meeting. For security reasons, you will not be able to view your individual script in this period. Instead you will be provided with feedback on your performance, including any areas of strength and weakness, and you will be able to ask questions about your performance on the assessment.

Please note the following conditions of receiving feedback:

  • All fail grade examinations have already been verified in accordance with University and faculty procedures.
  • Academic staff will not enter into negotiation over final exam marks.
  • Students must not make a copy of the assessment responses or marking notes in any form, e.g. screenshot, photograph, copy by hand. Failure to observe these rules could result in disciplinary action.
  • A request for viewing/feedback is independent from a request for a correction of mark. If after viewing your assessment responses and receiving feedback on your performance in the final assessment you believe a marking error has been made, the University procedure (refer to page 6. Item 5. Student requests for correction of their mark due to an error) must be followed.

Timing of feedback:

  • If feedback is being provided in person, as a general rule a maximum of ten minutes will be allocated to receive feedback.
  • Feedback is provided in the first two weeks of the following semester, and if in person, at a time designated by the unit teaching team.

Exam scripts are normally destroyed six months after the release of results for the unit.

How to apply for exam viewing and application deadlines

Submit your request at this link: Application to View Exam Scripts

SemesterApplications Open 9 am (MYT)Applications Close 5 pm (MYT)Viewing of Exam Script
Semester 1 2022

11th July 2022

22nd July 2022

First 2 weeks of Semester 2 2022

NOTE: If you are requesting feedback for more than one unit, you will need to make multiple submissions of this form.

For Mathematics units (MAT1830, MAT1841), please visit Procedures for viewing of assessment work held by the Faculty of Science.