"I like how the PASS session focuses more on the examination type of questions where we can see the format of the exam questions and how to solve them."

PASS Participant, Semester 1, 2021

"PASS allows me to enhance my understanding about the topics that were taught in class. It also provides more examples to students like me who are slow learners."

PASS Participant, Semester 1, 2021

"The PASS leader who is very helpful and good in giving simple explanations to ensure that we understand about that topic."

PASS Participant, October 2020

"The more exam-based questions which are not provided during tutorials, and even answers were provided to help with learning."

PASS Participant, October 2020

"Sessions were helpful and beneficial, offering new perspectives and better grasp on unit content."

PASS Participant, Semester 1 2020

"The enthusiasm of the PASS leader that managed to make the class more interactive and less dull."

PASS Participant, Semester 2 2019

"I like how the leader encouraged us to be confident in answering the questions ourselves during PASS sessions. The leaders will correct the mistakes we made in a good way which helped us understand the mistakes we made."

PASS Participant, Semester 1 2019