FAQs for enrolment and re-enrolment

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Enrolment for new-to-course students

All new students

You are required to complete the following:

  • Enrolment Questionnaire
  • Unit Enrolment. Your school may:
    • Choose units for you, in which case you need only confirm your enrolment
    • Give you a course map. You then need to search for and enrol yourself in the appropriate units.

Re-enrolment for returning (continuing) students

To continue coursework studies next year you need to re-enrol this year.

You need to:

  • Select the units you want to study
  • enrol for the full academic year (if appropriate).

You will get a transaction number from WES if you complete your re-enrolment successfully.

If you fail to re-enrol during this on-time re-enrolment, a late fee will apply.

For currently enrolled students you can view your unofficial academic record at any time by:

You need to get approval from your school before enrolling in more units each semester.

We list your student ID number on the following documents:

  • Course offer letter
  • Course Enrolment form
  • M-Pass ID card

Your ID number also displays once you login to WES (Web Enrolment System) with a valid authcate username and password.

Yes, you can login to WES (Web Enrolment System) by providing your:

  • M-Pass ID
  • Surname
  • First name
  • Date of birth

Re-enrolment is a process whereby students select and enrol in units for the following academic year. Students who do not complete their studies in the current year and are not applying for intermission for the following year, must re-enrol using Web Enrolment System (WES) at https://my.monash.edu.au/wes/

Both coursework and research students re-enrol at the same time.

We'll email you in September and October to remind you.

  • Double degree students need to enrol in both degrees.
  • International students must re-enrol in 24 credit points each semester.
  • Enrol for the entire academic year. You can change your units after re-enrolling.

For key dates refer to Re-enrol for coursework students

If you do not complete your re-enrolment by the on-time re-enrolment closing date, you will:

  • be at risk of losing your place in your course
  • incur a late re-enrolment fee if you are allowed to re-enrol late by your school.

Yes, but you will incur a late fee payment before being able to enrol in units for next year. You pay this late fee with your Semester 1 fees.

If you fail to re-enrol you may lose your place in your course. Contact the school to discuss your options.

For key dates refer to Re-enrol for coursework students.

You need to pay any outstanding fees in full before you can re-enrol.

After paying your fees contact your school for advice on how to proceed with your re-enrolment.

You must complete the re-enrolment for both course components if you are in a combined or double degree.

You must re-enrol during the period set if you plan to return to study next year. Failure to do so will result in a late fee.

We will email you in September about re-enrolment.

Re-enrol in your current course:

  • So you keep your place at Monash
  • In case your transfer application is not successful.

Yes, re-enrol as if you will pass your summer units.

After we release summer unit results:

  • Check your Semester 1 enrolment is still valid
  • If any units are Invalid, get course advice from your school then change your enrolment.

Re-enrol assuming you will meet any conditions the Academic Progress Committee places on your enrolment.

If you do not re-enrol you may be at risk of losing your place in the course.

Yes, re-enrol as if you will pass your units.

After we release unit results:

  • Check your Semester 1 enrolment is still valid
  • If any units are invalid, get course advice from your school then change your enrolment.

To retain a place in your course, you must apply to take leave from your studies.

You should re-enrol in your current course while you wait for your school to confirm you can take leave.

Use WES to add or discontinue units when it is open for you to do so.

Check the WES access dates for availability.

You may need to discontinue some units manually e.g. Research, non award, study abroad etc. Contact your school for help.

Dropping a unit can have consequences.

If you can't change your enrolment using WES, contact your school for help.

Monash Graduate Research Office send information and instructions about online re-enrolment to students via their Monash Universiity student email accounts in September.

For further information visit:

If you discontinue a unit either during re-enrolment or before the relevant census date the unit:

  • Will remain in WES for audit purposes
  • Will not show on your academic transcript.

A late fee is incurred to all students who don't re-enrol for units for next year during the on-time re-enrolment period.

For key dates refer to re-enrol for coursework students.

WES may be unavailable for re-enrolment for the following reasons:

It isn't time to re-enrol

We don’t permit enrolment changes:

  • When it isn’t time to re-enrol
  • Over the Christmas and New Year holiday period
  • When WES is temporarily unavailable

You don't have re-enrolment

We will restrict your access to WES if:

  • You owe unpaid fees or fines
  • You are the subject of suspension or disciplinary action by your school
  • Re-enrolment for your school is not online

You are a research student

You won’t need to use WES because:

  • You don’t need to enrol in any units
  • Your thesis is complete
  • You have an incomplete academic progress report
  • You will submit your thesis later this year

Undergraduate & postgraduate
coursework students

If Semester 1 is not your last semester, also enrol in units for Semester 2.

Use the following resources to help you re-enrol successfully:

  • Your school’s re-enrolment information
  • Handbook entries for individual units
  • Class Timetable (previously MUTTS) for on campus unit clashes
  • WES guides for help

Research students

If you can't submit your thesis before 21 December you must re-enrol for next year.

Use the following resources to help you re-enrol successfully:

Semester 2 results release

When you get your results in December:

  • Check your enrolment next year is still valid
  • Change any units that show as ‘Invalid’. You may need to get course advice from your school