Making friends


Many people make lifelong friends at university. It is normal for friendships to be a bit awkward at the start. You will feel more comfortable as you get to know people.

Making friends

  • Talk to other students between classes, even if it is just a small comment
  • Smile and start conversations with people while you are waiting in a queue
  • Eat and drink together with other people whenever you can
  • Join a student or community group
  • Join a sports team or go to the gym regularly
  • Join a study group

Communication tips

In his book 'Making Contact', Dr Arthur Wasamar suggests the SOFTEN system.


It shows you are friendly and and approachable

Open your posture

Uncross you arms and legs and you'll look more relaxed


Lean toward the person or move closer to show you are paying attention


A hand on another person's arm can be a welcome gesture

Eye contact

This shows that you want to hear what the other person is saying


It shows that you understand and are interested in keeping the conversation going

Need help?


Dr A. Wasamar, Making Contact: A Guide to Overcoming Shyness, revised ed. (Henry Holt and Co, 1991)