PASS Sessions

Join the PASS program where experienced students facilitate discussions on concepts, ideas and study skills.

Available PASS units for Semester 1, 2022

School of Business

  • ACW1120  Financial Accounting 1
  • ACW2120  Financial Accounting 2
  • ACW2220  Management Accounting 1
  • ACW3620  Assurance and Audit Services

School of Engineering

  • MEC3456  Engineering Computational Analysis
  • MEC3448  Engineering Technologies
  • MEC3451  Fluid Mechanics 2
  • MEC2402  Design Methods
  • ENG2005  Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • ENG1090  Foundation Mathematics
  • ENG2801  Leadership and Innovation
  • ENG1005  Engineering Mathematics
  • ENG1014  Engineering Numerical Analysis
  • ENG1002  Engineering Design: Cleaner, Safer, Smarter
  • ENG1001  Engineering Methods

School of Information Technology

  • FIT1045  Algorithms and Programming Fundamentals in Python
  • FIT1047  Introduction to Computer Systems, Networks and Security
  • FIT1008  Introduction to Computer Science
  • MAT1830  Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  • MAT1841  Mathematics for Computer Science
  • FIT2004  Algorithms and Data Structures
  • FIT2099  Object Oriented Design and Implementation
  • FIT1043  Introduction to Data Science

School of Pharmacy

  • PHR1011  Professional Practice I
  • PHR1021  How Medicines Work I
  • PHR1031  How the Body Works

School of Science

  • CHM1051  Chemistry 1 Advanced

Department of Psychology

  • PSY1011  Psychology 1A
  • PSY2061  Biological Psychology

Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • MED1100  Introduction to Medical Practice
  • MED1200  Principles of Medicine 1

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