External Service Provider - Naluri

Naluri has been appointed to complement CHW services by offering remote therapy under their holistic digital care program.

Please note these key points regarding the complementing counselling and psychological services.

  • Naluri offers remote consultations only. Any preference for physical sessions will need to be highlighted to CHW.
  • Any referral to Naluri is done out of consideration of ensuring an earlier appointment.
  • Should you be assigned to Naluri, it is best to remain with Naluri for continuity of therapy. There will be no sharing of notes for confidentiality.
  • Should you wish to switch to a practitioner in CHW MUM, you may request to do so on a case by case basis.
  • Go here for further information on what to expect with counselling services in CHW and Naluri.

Please explore further on Wellbeing@Monash Students and remote consultations by Naluri in this portal.