What to Expect

  • Counselling services only provides short-term therapeutic support
  • This service is only available for existing students of Monash University Malaysia (MUM) and exchange students to MUM. For existing clients, the service is extended up to 30 days after release of final semester results.
  • Alumni and students who have successfully completed the final semester and done with their course of study are ineligible to register for counselling services.
  • It is free of charge.
  • No other requirements are needed.
Registration and Informed Consent
Counselling Sessions
  • You may only see one counsellor/psychologist at a time.
  • You may choose to see a different counsellor/psychologist only after termination with your previous practitioner.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances such as needing assessments or Disability Support Services (DSS) are you allowed to consult a counsellor and psychologist at the same time within CHW or Naluri (refer here for further information on Naluri)
  • Switching between CHW and Naluri will only be allowed on case by case basis.
  • You are only allowed to book one appointment at a time.
  • You are eligible for 10 counselling sessions per calendar year. More sessions will be given by your counsellor/psychologist if you are deemed in a psychological crisis. Sessions reset at the start of every year.
Supporting Letter, Psychological Reports and Disability Support Services (DSS)
  • Issuance is only for students who have seen counsellor/psychologist on a regular basis for 3 or more sessions and/or have completed the assessment process.
  • Upon registration, all sessions are treated with confidentiality.
  • Breaking of confidentiality is only done in 'at-risk' situations.

Please discuss any of the above with your counsellor/psychologist if you have further questions.

Go here to read more about the counsellors and psychologists and ways to book an appointment.