Troubleshooting and tips

If you’re having technical difficulties during your eExam, these troubleshooting tips can help you get back on track.

If you’re not able to solve the problem yourself and you’re:

  • on-campus - raise your hand up so our onsite staff can help
  • off-campus - get in touch with the eExams Support Hotline on +603 55145600.


Accessing your eExam

Click the eAssessment platform link, then navigate to your unit’s eExam and copy the eExam link and paste it into an Incognito Window in Google Chrome (you’ll be prompted to log in again).

For more information, follow the steps for sitting an eExam.

How to connect with your supervisor

  1. Log into the eAssessment platform and navigate to your unit’s eExam.
  2. Copy the eExam link and paste it into an Incognito Window in Chrome.
  3. Make sure you’re in the correct eExam according to your exam timetable.
  4. Click Join Supervisor at the bottom right-hand side of your eExam landing page.

The Join Supervisor button will turn blue 30 minutes before your scheduled eExam. If you’ve logged into the eAssessment platform within 30 minutes of your scheduled eExam and the Join Supervisor button isn’t blue, raise your hand so one of our on-site staff can help you or if you’re off-campus, call the eExams Support Hotline on +603 55145600 as soon as you can so there's a record of the problem. They'll also provide you with technical support.

Exam answers are autosaved

You won’t need to save your eExam answers as you go – they are autosaved every 30 seconds. You can check when the last autosave was at the Last saved field at the top of your screen in the eAssessment platform.

Check you’ve uploaded your handwritten responses

To see a list of the handwritten responses you’ve uploaded, check the gallery view in your eExam on your computer. You’ll see an on-screen error message if there’s an image missing for one of your questions.