Warwick Virtual Exchange

Bringing the UK to you

The world has changed. And we’ve learned how important technology is in bringing people together.

We understand though - you still want global exposure and experiences, so that you can become part of a wider international community.

As a leading global university, we’re in the unique position to be able to deliver international opportunities and experiences with our UK partner, the University of Warwick, through this new virtual exchange program.

We’ve designed an innovative virtual study program with an inspiring curriculum taught by highly regarded academics from the University of Warwick.

These new online modules (units) will be delivered in short intensive blocks during May, June and July 2021, and will challenge you to examine your work from an international perspective.

As part of the wider Alliance Intensive Study Program, you will enhance your global network by developing new international connections.

This program has been designed to bring the UK to you, and will give you the confidence to learn from an international university where, one day, you might like to experience a student exchange when international travel resumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about the modules and application process, please see here.