M-Pass ID cards

All Monash students are issued with an M-Pass (ID) card, which is valid for the duration of your course.

  • New students will receive their M-Pass ID card in Orientation Week when they first commence
  • International students are required to have a current Student Pass endorsement before Monash University Malaysia Campus can issue an M-Pass ID card
  • The M-Pass ID card must be carried at all times within the campus, shown or surrendered on demand by authorised staff
  • M-Pass ID cards remain the property of the Monash University Malaysia Campus and are not transferable

Using your M-Pass card

Your M-Pass ID cards are used for the following purposes:

  • As a form of identification by Monash University Malaysia Campus staff at their request when you make an enquiry at a service counter
  • Using library and learning commons services and facilities, such as to add credits to printing balances and to print documents
  • Entry to an examination room, as your M-Pass card must be displayed at all time-tabled examinations
  • Permitted 'smart card' purposes, such as building and room access where authorised

New-to-course students

To order an M-Pass

You can order your M-Pass from Let's Begin

Your M-Pass ID Card will be mailed to you via courier.

To be issued with an M-Pass ID card, you will be required to have:

  • all necessary governmental permissions to enrol and commence classes
  • completed the Course Enrolment process with your School
  • completed the Enrolment Questionnaire online and updated your emergency contact details at Web Enrolment System (WES)

Returning students

  • M-Pass ID cards are valid for the duration of your course (with a maximum of 5 years) and do not need to be updated each year
  • If your M-Pass ID card has expired before you complete the course, you are required to renew your M-Pass.

Replacement cards

  • Damaged, lost or stolen cards can be replaced
  • Lost cards should be reported to the Security Office and the Library immediately, to prevent someone borrowing books in your name
  • Photographic identification (eg. NRIC, driver's license or passport) must be presented with your application form and payment of a replacement fee.

How to Apply

Current students who wish to apply for a renewal/lost/stolen replacement card may submit their request by:
  • online – please log in with your network account in person

Terms and conditions

By using your M-Pass you agree to these terms and conditions:
  • For Student M-Pass, if we notify you of any changes to these terms and conditions, you accept these by continuing to use your M-Pass card after being notified.
  • For Visiting Student M-Pass, you acknowledge that the latest terms and conditions as at the time of your use of the M-Pass apply, and that it is your responsibility to check the M-Pass website for any changes to the terms and conditions.

If any of the following terms and conditions are changed, we will provide at least 20 days’ notice before they take effect:

  • imposing or increasing fees or charges for either issuing or replacing an M-Pass or for performing transactions
  • increasing a user's liability for losses relating to transactions, or
  • imposing, removing or changing a daily or other periodic limits on transactions or the use of the M-Pass.