Students who are carers

Monash Malaysia also provides support to students who are carers of a person who is aged and frail or has a disability, medical or mental health condition. In order to get the support and advice, you must first register with us as a carer.

Definition of carer

To register, you need to be a person who provides personal care, support and assistance to another person who needs it because that other person has a disability, medical condition, mental health condition or is aged and frail, and that person is substantially dependent on you for ongoing care.

You may also provide other supporting documents. If you're providing a letter from the health professional instead of using the form, it should include:

  • information about the condition of the person you're caring for
  • whether their condition is permanent, fluctuating or temporary
  • a statement describing the care for which the person depends on you
  • how your study may be impacted by these caring responsibilities.

If you need more information on providing documents, please email us at