Examination feedback

Examination feedback is an opportunity for reflection on exam performance, leading to improved future learning. The opportunity for examination feedback occurs in three sequential stages

  • Stage 1: Exam Summary Feedback (available to students on the release date of official results)
  • Stage 2: Request to View Examination ScriptStage
  • Stage 3: If, after viewing their examination script and taking advantage of the summary feedback for the exam, students require further feedback about their examination performance, they must submit a written request to their lecturer.

The Monash Business School procedure on the examination feedback process.

Request to View Examination Script

Viewing session  – Malaysia Campus (or Online due to Covid 19 restriction)

In light to the current situation: We will look at a revised time, to conduct the viewings, once the situation for face-to-face interaction changes.

We will advise of the exam viewing dates and locations, via the Monash email once the schedule is available.

Applications to view exam scripts will open as below:

Semester 1, 2021 exam results are released on: 12 July 2021.

Closing date to lodge application:

16 July 2021, 5.00pm

Late applications are not accepted.

Please submit the online form before the deadline.

Please take note of the sessions listed above, as reminder emails will not be sent out to students. In the unlikely event of a time/date or venue change, updates will be sent via email to students to your Monash student email.

In the Examination Viewing session

    • Students are required to present their ID cards to gain entry to the viewing session
    • Only students viewing their script will be permitted entry to the viewing session
    • Students may only view their own examination script
    • Viewing of examination scripts will be undertaken under supervision
    • Students must not photocopy, mark or alter the examination script in any way
    • Supervising staff will not enter into discussion about final exam marks
    • Copies of exam scripts will not be provided to students
    • Question papers will not be available during the viewing session
    • No pens, pencils, mobile phones etc are permitted at the session
    • Students may be denied access to their exam scripts if the final examination is short-answer or multiple choice
    • Students who miss the scheduled exam viewing time forfeit any right to view the exam script at a later date
    • Exam scripts are normally destroyed six months after the release of results for the unit.

Further feedback

If after viewing your examination script and taking advantage of the exam summary feedback, you require further feedback, please submit a request to your lecturer. The feedback request form is available during the exam viewing, or can also be found here.