How to Apply: BEW3110

How to Apply: BEW3110

The BEW3110 Work Experience Program is the industry placement unit that’s part of the Capstone portfolio. As part of the unit, you will pursue an internship and complete online assessments. It is a 6-credit point unit that may be taken over the summer break.

Students and those curious about BEW3110 can join this Google Chat group and ask questions directly to the CE.

The four-step process below will guide you through the BEW3110 application process.

1. Check your eligibility

To apply for BEW3110, you must meet the following:

  • Achieved 96 credits at the time of enrollment for this unit
  • Secured an internship offer (or in the process of securing an internship)
  • Your internship will begin in the same semester you have enrolled for this unit
  • Your internship is for a minimum of 40 working days (eight weeks)

2. Request a University Letter

Your University Letter (Student Confirmation Letter) will be issued if the organisation you have applied to requests the University to confirm your status as an enrolled student. This letter is issued to School of Business students only.

Submit your request for a University Letter here.

3. Enrollment

You may self-enrol for the unit on the Web Enrollment System. Please remember that you must have completed 96 credit points for WES to allow your enrollment.

For more enrollment details, click here.

For more information on BEW3110, click here.

4. Unit briefing

A unit briefing will be provided by the CE before the commencement of the semester teaching period. Kindly make time to attend the briefing to ensure that you are clear and obtain answers to any questions you may have.

5. Complete the InPlace registration form

You may now register for your unit registration at InPlace. If you’re having trouble accessing InPlace, check out this helpful guide here.