FAQ - Non-credit internship

FAQ - Non-credit Internship

Following are the frequently asked questions about non-credit internship & volunteerism.

Q1. What is the difference between an industry placement unit (BEW3110) and a (non-credit) internship?

Industry placement units (BEW3110) require students to pursue internships and complete graded assessments that contribute credit points towards their degree. Non-credit internships do not require graded assessments and do not contribute credit points towards their degree. Students who successfully register their non-credit internships and volunteerism with the School are eligible to apply to the General Studies Office for an exemption towards the General Studies U4 Cluster.

Q2. What is the difference between internships and volunteerism?

Volunteerism refers to service performed for an organisation for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons, and without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for services rendered. While internships are designed to provide interns with work experience related to their major field of study, and may be paid or unpaid.

Q3. Who can apply for internships and volunteerism?

Internship and volunteerism are open to all students at Monash University Malaysia. However, some employers may target students in their penultimate or final year of study.

Q4. Can international students apply for internship and volunteerism?

Yes. International students can apply for internships and volunteerism at any time within the duration of their course. Once an international student completes their final semester they are not allowed to undertake internships. Internship opportunities for international students in Malaysia are competitive. To stand a better chance, we encourage students to start their search early and to apply to as many companies as possible.

Q5. When should I start applying for internships/volunteerism?

Start early by preparing your application documents (resume, cover letter, etc.) and researching the organisations where you wish to pursue an internship or volunteer.

For summer internships, we recommend that you start this process two semesters ahead.

For information on the deadline to register your internship or volunteerism, refer here.

Q6. What is the expected duration to intern/volunteer?

Employers prefer a minimum commitment of 2-3 months and longer internships will provide you with greater exposure to the organisation’s operations. Please consult with the Education Office if any of these apply to your internship or volunteerism: a) your internship duration exceeds 3 months, b) your employer extends the agreed duration of internship, or c) an internship term overlaps with an academic semester.

Q7. Are internships paid?

In most instances host organisations offer a monthly allowance or subsidise your transport costs. However, it is very rare to negotiate a salary for an internship.

Q8. What will I be doing during my internship/volunteerism?

Expect to progressively gain hands-on experience of the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Initially your duties may include a wide range of administrative and secretarial support – processing mail, data entry, filing, sorting through documents or scheduling appointments. As your placement progresses, you may be assigned tasks with greater responsibility that a key member of the organisation would normally do.

Q9. Can I pursue an internship/volunteerism abroad?

Yes. Please inform the Education Office about your intention to pursue an internship or volunteerism in another country.

Q10. Must I only pursue an internship/volunteerism that is related to the profession of my major?

Not necessarily. Internships and volunteerism offer the opportunity to explore different career pathways before deciding on your first job.

Q11. Should I expect a job offer from my employer after completing an internship/volunteerism?

No. However, your good performance and the relationships built through the internship or volunteerism can lead to future employment opportunities either with your host employer or their industry partners.


Q12. How to register my internship with the School?

Follow the instructions here.

Q13. Are there deadlines for registering internships/volunteerism with the School?

Yes. Refer here.

Q14. Will I receive a certificate of recognition from Monash Business when my internship is completed?

Yes. You must complete the registration form (uploading your internship offer letter). And submit your Intern Feedback form at the end of your internship.


Q15. What is a Student Confirmation Letter?

Student Confirmation Letter is a general letter issued by the School of Business to support students in their internship application with potential employers. Some employers may request for this letter to verify the students university status and internship requirements.

Each student is issued one letter only with the following information;

  • Addressee: "To whom it may concern" (This is done so that you can submit the letter to as many employers as needed).
  • Student name, Student ID and course name
  • Estimated internship period (December - February, March - June, or July - November). Specific dates are not provided.

To request for a Student Confirmation Letter, register your internship here.

Q16. How long to receive the Student Confirmation Letter?

It will take the Education Office 2-3 working days to process the letter. The letter will be emailed to your student email address.