Monash Global Campus Incentives

Monash Global Campus Incentives (MGCI)

About MGCI

MGCI is a unique opportunity to study and learn in a global context away from your home campus within pre-set modules. This program is open to students in their second year and beyond.

MGCI allows you to complete one unit at a time over a shorter period. You’ll have classes every weekday and earn six credit points in three weeks. As this is an intensive learning route, only one unit is allowed per module. You may select up to four units across the four modules.

Advisory for Final Year Students

We do not recommend that final year students, especially final semester students, go for MGCI. As different institutions have varying result release schedules, you may have to delay your graduation if the exchange institution releases results later than Monash. Additionally, if you fail a unit, you will need to continue another semester in Monash.

Am I eligible to apply?Find out if you’re eligible and how to apply here.

What type of units can I select? MGCI units are usually pre-approved by the school. Interested students may choose from the list offered by global campus. There are three types of pre-approved units you may consider:

  • Minor Units - These are units that are approved to fulfil your minor units as listed in the Unit Schedule. There are limited minors with pre-approved units for MGCI.
  • Free elective - units that come from any area of study (not restricted to Business), and do not necessarily have to be equivalent to MUM units, often covering foreign languages or interdisciplinary units. Free elective units are the most common units selected for MGCI, and you are encouraged to explore these units. Please ensure that you meet the prerequisites for the units and that they are offered in the semester you plan to go for exchange.

IMPORTANT: If you have plans to go for an international exchange in the future, we strongly recommend saving your elective units for international exchange especially if your elective spaces are limited.

How should I plan my units for MGCI?

1. Read the course map planning guide and handbook glossary.

2. Identify the units you need to take to complete your degree. You can refer to the unit schedule and handbook to browse available units.

When selecting your units, please go through the following:

  • Ensure that you are referring to the current year handbook for both MUM and global campus units
  • Check that the units you’ve selected are pre-approved by SOB, meet your degree requirements and are offered in your preferred global campus at the time of exchange
  • Confirm that you meet the prerequisites for the units

3. Draft your exchange study plan using the course map tool or DIY course map. Indicate the unit(s) you plan to take for the semester you plan to go for MGCI in your course map. Important: SOB does not accept MonPlan study plans for review.

How do I enrol for MGCI?

Most of you would have re-enrolled for the MGCI semester during the re-enrolment period.

If your MGCI application is approved, EMO will advise you on your enrolment prior to your scheduled MGCI semester. You don’t have to discontinue your current enrolment on WES.

Important: You are not allowed to change approved units for enrolment except under extenuating circumstances.

How do I obtain my results?

Your results will be automatically updated in the system. Once you have obtained your result, please confirm that your grades are reflected accurately. As these are Monash units, your grade will contribute to your WAM/GPA. Learn more about grading and exam results here.

What if I fail? 

If you fail a unit and receive a failing grade, you won’t earn the credit point towards your MGCI and will need to replace the failed credit point in MUM.

Where can I find more information? 


*For reference only. MGCI is offered at different global campuses each semester.

BRIEFING SESSIONS We regularly organise helpful briefings and consultation sessions for students interested in our exchange programs. Check out the Briefing Calendar and please make time to attend a session if you’re still unsure of the process or have further questions.


If you’ve attended a briefing session and gone through these resources but remain unsure of the exchange process, you may submit a ticket to Ask Mira. Please choose the correct help topic to ensure your ticket reaches the right department:

  • Course Advice – for course advice, unit selection and degree requirements for exchange
  • Exchange Programs – for eligibility, application matters, logistics and financial assistance for exchange. You may also direct enquiries to

Important: Please submit two different tickets if your queries fall into different help topics. This will ensure your query is sent to the correct department, which means you’ll get the answers you need quickly as well.