Welcome Message from the Director

Engineering and technology have been important components closely integrated into our daily life. They are one of the most important drivers of global economic growth. Regional economies need to invest in frontier technologies, which creates demand for advanced engineering – particularly in the areas of energy, resources and sustainable processes. From textile manufacture, metallurgy, mining, steam power, chemicals, machine tools, gas lighting, glass making, to paper machine; from steel, chemical industries, petroleum refining and distribution, electrical industries, automotive industries, to hydroelectric power generation; from analogue mechanical and electronic technology to digital technology (including computer, digital cellular phone, fax machine, communications, and internet); from nuclear power generation, biological engineering and life sciences, to space technology (including new electronic and information technology, new power and energy technology, biological technology, deep space technology, and ocean technology), engineering and technology play always in a role as a key driver in the theoretical development, design, assembling, optimization, fabrication, manufacture, and mass production of all of these new technologies.

In line with the social, economic, and scientific & technological developments, Advanced Engineering at Monash University Malaysia provides a platform in the region to foster excellence in research and education to meet the national and global demands. The Monash Multidisciplinary Platform of Advanced Engineering (or Advanced Engineering Platform known as AEP) thus aims at developing and becoming a Centre of Excellence in selected engineering areas of specific and unique nature, through creative research and innovative educational endeavor in knowledge understanding and creation, global-level research expertise and capability developments, and various practical applications to local industrials and to our human life.

Advanced Engineering Platform will undertake frontier research and educational innovation in engineering and technology that will contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of society in the South-East Asia. Supported by the Campus annual budget at Monash University Malaysia, the AEP has attracted top talent engineering academic staff members, who are intelligently brilliant, research productive, and globally recognized, to join. The AEP has also attracted high quality postgraduate research students to make their innovations within AEP. Although the Advanced Engineering Platform aims at the most important and frontier research of national urgent demands, the AEP presently focuses on 4 Clusters, namely (a) Smart Industry & Smart Living, (b) Clean Energy & Portable Water Cluster, (c) Smart Health and (d) Nanotechnology.

The AEP provides a unique platform to conduct highly integrated multidisciplinary research in some specialized and focused areas with national and international priorities for the very best of the field in the world. It also opens a new door for the top talent graduate students to realize their best capabilities and to achieve their dreamed goals and expectations in research and development. The AEP also provides a bridge to link with other elite universities for international staff and student exchanges.

Professor Tey Beng Ti
Director, Multidisciplinary Platform of Advanced Engineering