Message from the Director

The importance of engineering in our modern world cannot be overstated, especially in this era necessitating the frontier technologies to overcome global challenges. The pressing needs for sustainable resources and renewable energy have led to a greater emphasis on the advanced engineering, which play key roles in driving the adoption of new technologies, starting from the theoretical development and design to the process optimization and mass manufacturing. Joining the forces around the globe, Advanced Engineering Platform (or known as AEP) at Monash University Malaysia has been positioned strategically in South-East Asia region to foster multidisciplinary research in selected engineering areas. The establishment of AEP was a strong step towards strengthening the research efforts in engineering fields that are already thriving and broadening in Monash Malaysia.

AEP is a platform that emphasises the importance of gathering collaborative technological efforts and building research capability in advanced engineering fields. We have top talent engineering academic staff members and high-quality postgraduate research students contributing to the advanced engineering field. The progress of engineering and technology depends on creative research and innovative ideas. Acknowledging these aspirations, AEP was structured in five research clusters covering a diverse field of specializations, and we strive to bring our unique solutions to the problems encountered in focus areas with national and international priorities.   Our flagship Engineering for Sustainable Living Funding Theme (ESL) has been a great success in building not only the foundation for engineering and science but also industrial and societal advancements, which in turn translates into resilient growth for this region.

Along with the ongoing initiatives, AEP has a vision to become a Centre of Excellence in advanced engineering and is committed to leading the frontier advanced engineering research at international level. he AEP also serves a bridge to link with other elite universities for international staff and student exchanges. I cordially invite the prospective stakeholders to engage with us, and together make impact via our advanced engineering strength.

Associate Professor Ooi Chien Wei (Edward)

Director, Advanced Engineering Platform