Information for Staff Members

Monash University strives to provide a healthy and safe work environment for  staff. Also, each staff member at Monash University is responsible for ensuring  that their work environment and practices reflect good occupational health and  safety and environmental standards in order to protect their own health, safety  and environment as well as the health, safety and environment of others.

The responsibilities of staff include:

  1. using a documented risk management process to eliminate or minimise  occupational health and safety risks where appropriate;
  2. complying with occupational health and safety and environmental  instructions, policies and procedures;
  3. seeking information or advice where necessary before carrying out new or  unfamiliar work;
  4. wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for the work being  undertaken;
  5. using and maintaining safety devices and personal protective equipment  correctly;
  6. complying with the instructions given by emergency response personnel such  as emergency wardens and first aiders;
  7. being familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures and complying with  the instructions given by emergency response personnel such as emergency wardens  and first aiders;
  8. being familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures and the location of  emergency equipment (if trained in its use); and
  9. not willfully or recklessly endangering the health and safety of any person.

All staff members should know:

  1. How to report a hazard or an incident; which is through the Hazard and Incident Reporting Form.
  2. Who represents you on the OHSE Committee.
  3. Familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and where it is available, which is at selected locations on campus, such as lift lobbies, and on the OHSE Website.
  4. Who are your Floor and Building Wardens and First Aiders.
  5. Have a hard copy of the Emergency Procedures Booklet. To get a copy, please call Mr Jasbir Singh at ext 46040.
  6. The campus emergency number - which is ext 46333, or 5514 6333.