Monash University Malaysia Evacuation Procedure

Emergency Evacuations

  • Stay calm.
  • Follow instructions of the Emergency Wardens.
  • Do not use lifts.


  • Upon hearing the alarm, prepare to evacuate.
  • Stop all activities and listen to instructions.
  • Gather personal belongings; eg. wallet, keys.
  • Proceed calmly and quickly to the emergency exit and assembly point. The locations of the emergency exits are indicated in the floor maps placed at every lift lobby.
  • The university is expected by the Fire and Rescue Services Department to be able to evacuate all buildings within three minutes of the emergency alarm. Therefore, please do not delay evacuating your building.
  • Those working with machinery must ensure that their equipment is safely switched off. Please familiarise yourself with the emergency procedures in your laboratory or work area.

Evacuation Roles.

Assisting people with disabilities e.g. wheelchair bound

  • Ask if help is required.
  • Assist person to nearest fire safe area.
  • Inform the Building or Floor Warden.

Visitors, Delegates, Contractors and Academics

  • Must be evacuated by Monash University staff.
  • Academics are responsible for evacuating lecture theatres.
  • All visitors are expected to line up at a designated location at the Emergency Assembly Area. If in doubt, speak to a Building Warden at the Assembly Area.

Building Warden

  • Co-ordinate evacuation and delegate duties to Floor Wardens.
  • Report to the Incident Controller current status of your building's evacuation, any injuries or missing people.

Floor Warden

  • Evacuate site and co-ordinate staff/students and visitors to secure areas.
  • Once at the assembly point, report to your Building Warden on the status of evacuation, any injuries and if anyone is missing from the group.

First Aider

  • Obtain portable First Aid kit if available and provide first aid where appropriate.
  • The gathering location for First Aiders is outside the Security Control Room.

Do not re-enter until safe and authorised by Fire Brigade or Security/OHSE Unit. The de-activation of a warning tone is not an indication to re-enter a building.

For more information, please refer to the Emergency Procedures Booklet.