Information for Students

Monash University strives to provide a healthy and safe study environment for students. Also, each student at Monash University is responsible for ensuring that his or her own study and work practices reflect good occupational health and safety and environmental standards in order to protect their own health, safety and environment as well as the health, safety and environment of others.

The responsibilities of students include:

  1. Using a documented risk management process to eliminate or minimize occupational health and safety and environmental risks where appropriate, e.g. for new research projects;
  2. Complying with occupational health and safety instructions, policies and procedures;
  3. Using and maintaining safety devices and personal protective equipment correctly;
  4. Being familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures and complying with the instructions given by emergency response personnel such as emergency wardens and first aiders; and
  5. Not willfully or recklessly endangering the health and safety of any person.

Important information for student