Message from the Campus Security Manager

A Message from the Campus Security Manager

v.sammugamDear students and colleagues,

Congratulation on being a member of the Monash University Malaysia campus community.

Security Unit in Monash University operate 24/7 to offer a safe and secured environment for your work and studies, as many initiatives have been implemented to ensure to safe guard the safety of all students, staff and visitors.

The Security Unit would like everyone to feel safe and secure environment at all times whenever you are in the campus. However this can achieved much better if every students and staff cooperate and work together with Security Unit by assisting in displaying their IDs and reporting strangers sighting on campus or other activities which you feel against the Malaysian Laws.

Remember, the saying "Prevention is better than cure", and be proactive by taking precautionary measures to protect yourselves and your properties, so that an opportunity is not created for crime to occur.

Please do not expose yourselves to danger by walking alone, especially during dark hours, leaving your property unattended or vehicle unlocked and do not accept offers or help from strangers especially when you are alone outside the campus

Please be familiar with the campus security procedures, such as the proper use of the Door Access System, and not allow someone use your access card to enter the area designated to you. It is a requirement for students to display their student card at the campus entrance and campus emergency procedures. Please do provide feedback to the Security Unit for further improvement and make the campus a safer place.

During the emergency, please use the campus Emergency number 03-5514 6333(Ext: 46333) to report an incident, sighting of suspicious behaviour person or request for any assistance you may need. You may also forward any suggestion to me by e-mail (Email :

Security is our responsibility, we work together for our safety and security.

Thank you

Sammugam Virasamy
Campus Security Manager,
Monash University Malaysia,