Using automated teller machines ATM

When ever using an ATM consider the following tips

  • Try to use ATMs within campus. Use external non-campus ATMs during the day. If you must use them at night do not go alone.
  • Only use ATMs that are well lit and maintained, where you have clear visibility around you.
  • Be aware of people loitering around ATMs
  • Know what type of transaction you are going to do before hand. Try to spend as little time as possible at the ATM.
  • Do not give out your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to anyone. Memorize it, do not keep a copy of it in your wallet/purse.
  • Check to see that the card reading device is secure to the machine, if not contact Police/Bank Security as it may be a skimming machine.
  • If you feel someone is watching what you are doing, cancel the transaction and go somewhere else.