Top Reasons to Major in Information System for students or professionals from any disciplines

  1. Information System (IS) is a multi-disciplinary course

    IS is truly a multi-disciplinary course and virtually covers all industries in the world. No doubts that Information and Technology are two vital forces in our society today. The power of information and technology has been shown historically; and information and technology impact the global business, international market, small business, educational sector, event, hospitality and even the farming and agriculture sector. Actually “ALL SECTORS'', and likewise the banking and financial sector, oil & gas, work with information, true or not?. Surprisingly, this is one of the key reasons you should study IS. It's a one-course too many projections and opportunities to excel. A typical Information Systems course consists of detailed and significant units including Information Management, Big Data, IT project management. Likewise, IT Consultancy, Tech Innovation, and IKM (Information and Knowledge Management).

  2. IS degree offers you a variety of career opportunities.

    In fact, let us begin by finding out job-related to IS degrees as shown  in the table below.

    • Application Analyst; Data Analyst; Systems Analyst; Business Analyst
    • Data Scientist; Database Administrator; IT Consultant; IT Technical Support Officer; Systems Developer
    • Information Systems manager; IT Sales Professional; Web Content Manager

    In other words, these are some of the many organisational departments that need IS graduates. In general, with an IS degree, you have a place in every organisation in the world. Every organisation that generates information uses technology and understands their impacts.

  3. IS has room for major contribution

    Like Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT), Computer Engineering (CE), IS isn’t new but seems and sounds new to some students. Although you’d be right to say that it is still a growing field. Academic research requires the progressive contribution of Information Systems applications in diverse domains. Business Domains, Events, Sports, Infrastructure, Architecture, Health and many others. And it is an excellent opportunity for students who aim at making an impact in the general body of knowledge. An excellent and decent opportunity to be relevant.

  4. IS is a rich computing course that doesn’t require core programming skills
  5. Students may ask “do we have to do programming”? Well, the answer is YES because there is a unit and assessment of programming, but this is out of 15 or 16 total units to demonstrate the level of relevance. If you desire, you can also opt for extra programming lessons, short courses. However, IS doesn’t require core and deep programming learning. A typical IS course has more technicality to it than just programming, and this also is a compelling justification. ArchiMate of Enterprise Architecture is one amongst others.