Industrial Training

Industrial Training

In order to fulfil the requirements of the degree programme, the industrial training is a compulsory component for students who have enrolled from year 2018 Semester 1 intake and onwards.  The industrial training component must be completed before the degree can be conferred.

FIT3045 Industry based learning (IBL)

Monash IBL placement is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students of the School of IT to apply the key concepts from class in a practical, corporate setting and develop sought-after employability skills.

Students on an IBL placement will participate full time in a defined, graduate level role during a 22-week placement period at established partners of the School of IT IBL program. Students cannot take any other units while doing an IBL placement.

To be eligible to complete an IBL placement, student must

  • have completed at least 72 credit points, including 60 credit points of FIT or MAT units;
  • have passed every unit with a 65% average across all units;
  • have completed one of FIT1045, FIT1048, FIT1051, FIT1053 or  ENG1003 and FIT1049/FIT1055.

FIT3199 Industry work experience (Internship)

Students who do not undertake the IBL program will be required to go for a 12-weeks (minimum), continuous, internship in an industry-based environment after the second year of studies.

This unit needs to be undertaken during the summer vacation period (mid-November to February), after completing two years (4 semesters) of studies and before completing academic studies.

Students on an internship placement will need to participate full-time in a defined, graduate level role at leading companies. Students cannot take any other units while doing the internship placement.

To be eligible for the internship placement, students must:

  • have completed a minimum of 96 credit points before the internship;
  • have completed FIT1049 or FIT1055

If you plan to have your internship as the final unit before graduating, you will need to discuss with your internship coordinator and course coordinator  as there can be a risk of delayed graduation.