You are now part of the Monash family! Uni life can seem complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash Malaysia. It guides you through everything you need to do to get yourself comfortable, right up until Week 4 of your first semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics and click on the blocks to discover the important (and fun!) bits to get settled in quickly.

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Uni is different

Learning is different

Now that you’re in university, you’ve begun another phase of your education. It is common to experience some differences in your new environment.

The teaching and learning methodology at Monash is probably different when you were in your school, where you receive more guided and directed learning. At Monash, you’ll need to take responsibility for your own learning and search for resources independently. But don’t worry, help is always available if you ask for it.

Attendance and timetable are different

At school, your attendance was compulsory and your timetable accounts for every hour of the day.

At Monash, attendance may not be recorded for lectures and some other classes, it is up to you to arrange your timetable and your free time between classes. For international students, you have to attend 80% of your classes for your student pass renewal to be approved.

Classes are different

At school, classes were usually small and involve face-to-face classroom-based teaching.

At Monash, lectures can be huge, but you'll also have smaller sized tutorial, practical or lab-based classes, depending on your course. Some classes might be taught online and some courses might also involve fieldwork or industry placements. The learning style will varies according to the type of classes.

Environment is different

School grounds are usually much smaller than university campuses and have fewer students and facilities.

At Monash, you'll probably need a campus map to find your way around. Our campus has teaching and research facilities, food and retail outlets and sport and leisure facilities. Regular events run by student associations and clubs make our campus environment vibrant and fun!

Assessment is different

At school, assignments were shorter and more frequent. You were expected to show your understanding of the core knowledge taught in the subject. Exams are usually closed-book and marked externally.

At Monash, assessment tasks vary. They may include essays, case studies, reports, group projects or presentations. You're expected to analyse and critically engage with your subject. You need to acknowledge the sources of your ideas and learn how to do referencing. Exams can sometimes be open-book or even take-home, and are marked internally.

Tips for success at uni

We know you want to do well at uni so here are some tips to get you started

  • Make the most of your time during orientation! Join clubs. Make new friends. Enjoy the free food. But also find out about all the services you can access and facilities on campus.
  • Librarians and learning skills advisers can work with you on a broad range of study skills.
  • Take responsibility for your own learning. Check the Unit Handbook for each of your units so that you're prepared before semester starts.
  • Plan on working hard, but also allow yourself some time for fun and relaxation! To do this, develop a study timetable to help manage your study time.
  • Don't be afraid to seek help if you need it. Teaching and support staff want you to succeed, and they're willing to help in any way they can.