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Money matters

It is common for students to live on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time at university. The trick is to learn how to take control of your budget and not let your budget control you. Knowing how to manage your finances wisely and not land yourself in a cycle of debt is all part of ‘adulting’.


A budget is a financial plan to  record down your estimated income and expenses. Below are the expenses you need to take into consideration when you prepare your budget.

Cost of Living


Estimated Cost (RM)

Deposit for rental


Monthly rental

From RM500

Telephone and internet connection

From RM99

Water and electricity

Usually included in the rental


Around RM7 to RM15 per meal


RM30 to RM100

Entertainment (movies, concert etc…)

From RM12

Air ticket

Visit AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines for the latest fares

Bus, Light Rail Transit

Visit MYrapid for the latest fares

Other Additional Costs


Estimated Cost (RM)

Unexpected costs

Accidents or Illnesses

Lifestyle choices

Entertainment and luxury items and lifestyle

To have a healthy financial standing, make sure your budgeted expenses stay within your budgeted income.