Note: We're currently working on programs and online information for our new students. For latest updates, please keep checking on your Monash student email account.

You are now part of the Monash family! Uni life can seem complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash Malaysia. It guides you through everything you need to do to get yourself comfortable, right up until Week 4 of your first semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics and click on the blocks to discover the important (and fun!) bits to get settled in quickly.

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Get to know the library

The Monash Malaysia Library offers many programs, resources and learning opportunities to help you succeed academically.

Library Resources

We invite you to explore our physical and online collections - home to more than 1,800 online databases, 139,000 e-journals and 1.5 million ebooks! You can access the online resources at the click of your mouse anytime and anywhere with your Monash login.


Get started with academic life

To learn more about People. Services in the Library, visit I Need Help

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is the moral code of academia. As a student of Monash University Malaysia, it is your responsibility to abide by the University's academic integrity requirements.

Visit the Academic Integrity Module