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Start creating your timetable

After you've enrolled the units, you can login to Allocate+ and choose your class times. Login to Allocate+ using your Monash username and password.

Allocate adjustment

On Monday 27 September at 10am, Allocate+ will be open so you can check your timetable for clashes and make changes if free timeslots are available. You also have the option of requesting a swap. The system works on a first-come, first-served basis during this time.

If you see the words Auto allocated, this means that there is only one time-slot for the activity, so you don't get a choice.

If class options are available, then you may choose your class time by clicking on the Allocate button. Refer to Allocate+ adjustment guide.

TIP: Changes in the Web Enrolment System may take up to two hours to appear in Allocate+. This applies to newly enrolled units.


This is not applicable to Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) students.

In addition, some units have a set timetable, so students in these units do not need to choose their class activities. You'll only be able to view the timetable, not change it.

Getting help to fix your timetable in Allocate+

If you need further assistance on your timetable, visit our FAQ page.

Abbreviation used in Timetable

To understand the abbreviations used in Timetable, visit the unit codes and abbreviation page for the full meaning.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Just drop us an email at mum.timetable@monash.edu.