Research Focus

Innovating Technology to Benefit Society

The world  we live in today has been transformed by the rapid adoption of technology, it has impacted every aspect of our lives, from our homes, to our schools, industry, key infrastructure and social spaces, enhancing how we live, learn, work and play.

We are committed to innovating theoretical and applied research to meet the technology challenges of the 21st Century.  The school's research themes are aligned to the following areas.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence research focused on algorithmic aspects that integrate the knowledge and theories in mathematics and Machine Learning to endow a machine the intelligence to address complex real-world problems. The area includes Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Medical Imaging, and Business intelligence.

Cyber Security

Paradigm-shifting research into diverse forms of security for protecting against attacks as well as technologies for the dark side. Recent research includes stealth, hidden emotions, invisible motions and fake fingers.

Data Science

Data science research aspires to investigate, hypothesize and create novel data driven algorithms across various domains and platforms. These algorithms will propel new innovations in business intelligence by extracting knowledge, identifying unique patterns, predicting and generating useful insights from a diverse set of big data cache, which are then effectively visualized for various applications.

Digital Health

Digital health topic looks into both research and development aspects of designing and developing of methods, application and systems for healthcare industry through the means of 'digitization' some component of health system into meaningful data and  tools. In particular the research looks into the application of multi-agent system methodology to translate the data and tools in use of practical healthcare setting.

Software Engineering

Delivering high quality and efficient software systems is an art which encompasses various intertwined elements such as architecture, design, formal methods, processes, testing, and even human factors. At Monash University, we carry out research in the domain of software quality, software architecture and design, software maintenance, and analysis of human factors with the ultimate goal of helping software engineers to deliver high quality, robust, and reliable software solutions.