Research Skill Development (RSD) Workshop, 28 September 2016

RSD Framework - Pict 1

As part of the campus education strategy to adopt and implement the research skill development (RSD) in  Malaysia, the Library and Learning Commons, jointly with MUA Library and the Learning Skills Unit held a “Working with the Research Skill Development framework“ workshop on 28 September 2016. The workshop was co-facilitated by Lyn Torres and Sarah Jansen, Monash University Library (Australia), and  Sara Kuhn, Sossamma George and Annette Wilson, Library and Learning Commons (Malaysia) with Purush Karu, Learning Skills, Education Management (Malaysia).

RSD Framework Pict 2RSD Framework - Pict 3

A total of 25 participants including 14 academic staff representative of Monash Malaysia’s schools participated in the workshop.  The workshop received encouraging feedback from participants who expressed a better understanding of the RSD framework and its associated thinking and process skills for research. The latter were unpacked through interactive group activities that harnessed experiential learning, discussions on autonomy and affective behaviours.  Several participants also expressed interest in applying the RSD in teaching and assessment.

RSD Framework - Pict 4

Lyn Torres and Sarah Jansen shared their own experiences at MUA to demonstrate how such collaborative partnerships between librarians, learning skills advisers and academics have enhanced student learning outcomes.

RSD Framework - Pict 5

The workshop debrief captured a shared sense, between academics and professional staff, that they were together in the process of understanding and articulating the full potential of the RSD, one step at a time.  Building upon the workshop momentum, the Library is planning a series of peer-to-peer workshops and mini-RSD workshops geared to students and staff, to unpack research skills and partner with academics to embed the RSD in curriculum design.  Follow-up conversations have already begun with academics interested in RSD-informed assessment and rubrics. All in all, the RSD workshop has been a successful starting point for collaboration between the library, learning skills and academic staff on curriculum design in an effort to develop MUM students as holistic researchers.

7 October 2016