Library terms of use

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Subject to these Terms of Use, the facilities of the Monash Malaysia Library (the ‘Library’ or “Library and Learning Commons” are available to members of staff and students of the University, Monash alumni and other visitors, determined by the Library Director who are collectively referred to as ‘users’ in the Terms of Use.


The Monash Malaysia Library manages a suite of materials, services, programs and facilities to enable users’ study and research.  When in the Library, all users have a right to pursue their research or study without unnecessary disturbance or distraction.

All users have an obligation to respect the rights of others to study, learn and research in the Library’s facilities. This includes the following requirements:

No food is allowed in the Library. This includes the Library expansion and Create/Engage rooms.

Only covered drinks (with lids) are allowed in the Library.

Waste items are to be disposed of using the appropriate garbage and recycling bins.

Loose furniture (chairs, armchairs, tables) should not be removed from the Library.


A reasonable level of noise is permitted within the Library except in the Quiet Zone and during periods of study for exams.

Mobile phones
Phones set to silent/vibrate mode are permitted except in the Quiet Zone where phone conversations are not allowed.

Quiet Zone
The following regulations strictly apply to the Quiet Zone:

  • Phones are to be set on silent mode upon entry of the Quiet Zone
  • Phone conversations are not allowed in the Quiet Zone
  • Library staff will request users to leave the Quiet Zone if/ when on the phone
  • Social gatherings and/or group discussions are not permitted in the Quiet Zone
  • Individual carrels are designated for individual study only

Seat hogging
Users must not leave their personal items (laptops, tablets, cellphones, purses, backpacks, etc..) on computers, desks or other spaces to reserve them.  Support the campus’ efforts  by saying no to seat hogging.

Compliance to University/ Library regulations
Users of Monash Malaysia Library must:

  • comply with University regulations, policies and terms of use. These include the University’s Information Technology Use Policy for Staff and Other Authorised Users, the Malaysian Copyright Act (1987) and other regulations currently in place.
  • comply with official notices displayed within the Library’s facilities and on the Library’s website.
  • comply with any reasonable direction made by a member of Library staff.
  • Users may be denied access to the Library premises and resources if they do not adhere to the above terms of use.

Questions and feedback regarding the Library’s Terms of Use are welcome by emailing