The Road to High Impact Publications Workshop

Session-Medicine The Road to High Impact Publications: A one-day workshop was held at Monash University Malaysia on Thursday, 8 March 2018. The workshop is part of the Monash University Malaysia Research Workshops series organised by the Professors Advisory Group (PAG) jointly with the Research Management Office and Library and Learning Commons. The event was attended by 49 academic staff, HDR students and professional staff, mainly from Monash Malaysia and some from neighbouring institutions.

Prof. Sunil K. Lal (School of Science), Chair of the PAG, began the workshop with an exciting presentation on “Good science and high quality research”. He examined what it takes to do good science and high quality research, besides building collaborations, choosing the best journal for one’s work to be published in, writing the manuscript, peer- reviewing processes and more.

Session-Medicine Namita Santra, Senior Manager, Research and Learning at Monash Malaysia Library, followed up with an equally stimulating talk on “Advanced literature search for research” and elaborated on a variety of topics that added on to Prof. Sunil’s presentation. She delved on identifying gaps in research, using tools to identify highly ranked journals, publishing models, open access considerations, researcher profiles and researcher impact, and on when and where the Library supports researchers through customised programs and services. Both presentations were very interactive and questions raised by the audience were addressed by the presenters and panel members throughout the morning.

In the afternoon, three discipline-focussed Breakout Sessions were facilitated by the panel members with a large turnout of 39 participants for the Medicine/ Pharmacy/ Science session and 10 participants for the Social Sciences session. The sessions provided an avenue for participants to discuss pertinent issues and personal challenges relating to publishing in academia, and to share views and best practices from different perspectives.

Namita-session MUMSS panel members

Panel members for the breakout sessions included Professor Sunil K. Lal (Science), Professor Pervaiz K. Ahmed (Business), Professor Iekhsan Othman (Medicine), Professor Gan Siew Hua (Pharmacy), Associate Professor Wu Ta Yeong (Engineering), Associate Professor Marco Buente (Arts and Social Sciences), and Isabelle Eula, Namita Santra and Sossamma George from the Library.

The workshop concluded with a reflection on “What We Learnt Today” and that:

  • Research is exciting and scary
  • It is a marathon and there are no guarantees of articles getting published
  • Good planning is essential
  • Building new skill sets will help handle issues and challenges
  • Taking risks, trying to publish and learning from the process are essential elements of good research

A record of thanks to the two presenters, distinguished panel members, Campus Research Management for the outstanding organisation and to all participants who contributed to the success of the event.