Research Skill Development (RSD) Workshops at JBCS, 15 & 16 March 2017

22 March 2017

11 Johor Bahru Clinical School academics participated in our Research Skill Development (RSD) workshops on 15th-16th March. Facilitated by our Senior Research Data Manager, Sossamma, and Postgraduate Programs Coordinator, Namita, these workshops were a continuation of our efforts to adopt and disseminate the RSD framework at Monash University Malaysia.

Feedback was encouraging, and the RSD framework was well-received as a new approach to making skills development explicit in curriculum.

What did participants say about it?

  • It was a “fun and engaging workshop”;
  • “I could classify my own thinking process”; and
  • “RSD can be applied to curriculum”!

Are you a JBCS academic? We look forward to connecting with you to discuss ways to build a community of practice and apply RSD to your Units through student workshops and/or curriculum development.

RSD at Johor Bahru 1 RSD at Johor Bahru - 2

RSD at johor Bahru - 3 RSD at Johor Bahru - 4