Palm Oil Processing and Derivatives

Most of the conventional palm oil processing methods are energy-intensive and generate a large amount of waste.  This research cluster aims to develop efficient and green processes that can improve yield, minimise energy use and reduce waste generation.

Meet the researcher


Professor Chan Eng Seng (School of Engineering)

  • Sustainable Palm Oil Processing
  • Biodiesel Production
  • Valorization of Palm Oil
Cher Pin

Dr Song Cher Pin (School of Engineering)

  • Process Design
  • Enzymatic Technology & Separation Engineering
  • Oil & Fats Processing
  • Downstream Processing of Proteins

Associate Professor Edward Ooi Chien Wei (School of Engineering)

  • Bioseparation & Bioprocess Engineering
  • Phytonutrient Extraction
  • Enzyme Technology & Pickering Emulsion
  • Microencapsulation

Dr Arshad Salema (School of Engineering)

  • Biomass, Bioenergy, Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency & Sustainability
  • Process Design and Product Development
  • Microwave Processing

Dr Ian K.T Tan (School of Information Technology)

  • Text Analytics with NLP Pre-processing
  • Image Processing
  • Data Analytics for Churn, Segmentation and Propensity

Dr Surya G. Nurzaman (School of Engineering)

  • Soft robotics, Bio-inspired Robotics, Mobile Robotics
  • Embodied Intelligence & Morphological Computation
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Wearable Robotics & Human Motion Analysis

Ir. Qua Kiat Seng (School of Engineering)

  • Refining
  • Oleochemical Processing

Associate Fellow:

Chew Chien Lye (Sime Darby Plantation Research)

  • Palm Oil Milling and Refining
  • Process contaminants (3-MCPD and GE)
  • Sustainable Processing