Research & Analytical Services

MIPO has a state of the art research facility dedicated to oils and fats research. The research facility consists of a ‘Process and Analytical Lab’ and a ‘Pilot-Scale Process Development Lab’.

The Process and Analytical Lab houses lab-scale processing equipment and analytical equipment that are meant for small-scale and early development of new products and processes. The Pilot-Scale Process Development Lab mimics a factory workspace and it is developed to address the research gaps in process development and scale-up activities. Check out the list of equipment below.

Sample Analysis:

We provide services for sample analysis for industries, research institutions, and universities. Most of the analytical methods we use follow AOCS analytical methods.

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Mathev (

Contract Research:

Many small and medium companies are reluctant to undertake research because they lack the financial resources and research facility. Recognising this barrier, we can conduct contract research for a fee using our research facility.  We have a multidisciplinary team with research expertise in the areas of engineering, science, pharmacy, business and social sciences.

For enquiries, please contact Professor Chan Eng Seng (

Rental of Research Facilities:

MIPO's research facilities (e.g. analytical & process equipment) are open to Monash students and academics as well as external parties for a fee. The rental collected will be used to maintain the equipment and the lab facilities. For booking, refer to the process flow below.

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Mathev (

Process Flow for Booking MIPO Facilities