Calling on the Community to Provide Full Cooperation

3 March 2019, Sunday – SEACO was featured in the Utusan Malaysia newspaper on 3 March 2019. The article was about the Health Round Project in 5 sub-districts, Chaah, Bekok, Jabi, Gemereh, and Sungai Segamat, from July 2018 to August 2019. Communities are advised to provide full cooperation with SEACO. The objective of this project is to collect data and identify the problems of blood pressure, diabetes and obesity amongst the community aged 5 years and above. SEACO targeted 40,000 households to visit, interview and to provide free health assessments in their homes. Respondents will identify SEACO data collectors by the SEACO ID card and their uniforms. Respondents would receive the free health consultations at 8 private clinics in Segamat, if they choose to participate in the project.

Calling for Community Utusan Newspaper 3rd March 2019