Grants Received

NoYearFunder(s)CountryProject Title
12013-2014University of AmsterdamNetherlandsYouth Study : Establishment of an adolescent cohort to assess health related behaviours
22013-2015Tropical Medicine and Biology Multidisciplinary Platform, Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaNew frontiers in Dengue Viral Infections - a community-based study (DENGUE)
32014Universiti Putra MalaysiaMalaysiaSexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Study for Older People
42014Duke University and Fudan UniversityUS / ChinaCatastrophe and Impoverishment from Diabetes: An Exploration of the Economic Burden of Diabetes Care
52014University of AmsterdamNetherlandsSingleton (Social Support and Care Arrangements of Older People Living Alone in Rural Malaysia)
62014Queen's University Belfast (Public Health)  & Newcastle UniversityUKSEACO Infants: Health And Transition (SI:HAT): A feasibility study for establishing a Malaysian birth cohort (SIHAT Birth Cohort)
72014Queen's University Belfast (Nursing)UKComplimentary Feeding and the Early Origins of Obesity
82014Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21) research platform,  Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaUtilisation of Education at work and its Relationship to Health and Wellbeing
92015-2016Hospital Kuala LumpurMalaysiaThe Segamat Paediatric Eye Disease Study (SEGPAEDS): A Multi Ethnic Eye Survey In Pre- School Children
102016Faculty of Arts, Monash University AustraliaAustraliaATS3248 Field methods in Anthropology and International Development Year 2016
112016Newcastle UniversityUKFoundation for the Development Of An Ageing Cohort Within SEACO (Elderly Cohort)- Cognitive decline in aging populations (May 2016)
122016-2018Australian Research CouncilAustraliaSEACO Stroke Study : Recovery and well-being following stroke (Aug 2016)
132016-2017Wellcome TrustUKCitizen Science Reporter (CSR)
142017Cambridge UniversityUKFeasibility Community Cohort : SEACO Families Biomarker
Study (Community Cohort) - Genetic epidemiology feasibility studies
152017Queen's University BelfastUKWorkshop to determine optimal way forward for dementia prevalence research and relationship to non-communicable diseases in health and demographic surveillance sites in Vietnam and Malaysia
162017-2021National Institute for Health ResearchUKNIHR Global Health Group on Dementia Prevention & Enhanced Care - (DePEC)
172017Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaUnveiling the cognitive determinants of economic well-being in rural Malaysia
182017Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaDevelopment of an implementation framework for community based breast cancer screening in the multi ethnic population of Malaysia
192017-2019Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaThe Malaysian Microbiome Project in health and disease
202017Faculty of Arts, Monash University AustraliaAustraliaATS3248 Field methods in Anthropology and International Development Year 2017
212017Ministry of Education, MalaysiaMalaysiaA novel predictive model for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and related Dementias among Malaysians using Artificial Intelligence techniques
222018Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaBrain & Heart Health :  Heart health and cognitive decline in ageing populations
232018Faculty of Arts, Monash University AustraliaAustraliaATS3248 Field methods in Anthropology and International Development Year 2018
242019Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaWork, health and well-being of nurses in public healthcare sector.
252019World Health Organization (WHO)UKDevelopment of a tutorial for the TDR MOOC on implementation research
262019Wellcome TrustSwitzerlandResearch Capacity Strenghtening in Africa  institutions initiative - Institute for Infectious Disease of Poverty.
272019Faculty of Arts, Monash University AustraliaAustraliaATS3248 Field methods in Anthropology and International Development Year 2019
282019-2021John templeton Foundation (JTF)USReligion and physical and mental health among elderly in a predominantly Muslim and multicultural community: the causal linkages
292019-2022MRC-UK and Ministry of Education MalaysiaMalaysiaInnovating Behaviour and Health Surveillance for Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention in Malaysia
302020-2022Medical Research Council (MRC)UKA Study of the implementation of population-based bowel cancer screening in Malaysia
312020-2022MALAYSIAN INDUSTRY GOVERNMENT GROUP FOR HIGH TECHNOLOGY (MIGHT)MalaysiaImproving early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer among multi-ethnic rural communities in Malaysia – the implementation of the community education and navigation programme (CENP)
322020University of BristolUKStaying active at home: the impact of COVID-19 movement restrictions on physical activity in a low-income semi-rural population
332021World Health Organization (WHO)UKTo conduct local implementation research on innovative community engagement models, prototypes, and/or intervention packages as part of the COVID-19 response and recovery efforts and implementation science
342021King's College LondonUKInvestigating MUltimorbidity ThroUgh cApacity building (MUTUAL)
352021Monash University MalaysiaMalaysia​NEED Grant: Implementation of a Self-help Digital Mental Health Intervention (DMHI) to Nurses by Using a Fully Automated Conversational Agent
362021Monash University MalaysiaMalaysiaGA 21: Self-perception of ageing and healthy ageing in a multicultural rural context: Towards an age-friendly community