Visiting Head of Emergency Unit and Pathology Unit at Hospital Segamat

Research for a healthy community  in community health is still ongoing!

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Giving Back to the Community

Discussion of welfare activities between JCI and Head of Chaah District.

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SEACO Booth Exhibition with Felda Pemanis State Legislative Assembly 

SEACO Booth Exhibition with Felda Pemanis State Legislative Assembly, YB Dr. Chong Fat Full

SEACO participated in the Felda Pemanis Generation Carnival together with the Segamat Information Department, the Segamat National Anti-Drug Agency and other organisations.

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Job Vacancy

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Feature SEACO in Johor FM.jpg 

SEACO been featured in Johor FM radio - 21 September 2020

SEACO is taking one step ahead by disseminating information via Radio announcement.

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SEACO Meet and Greet with Segamat District Public Information Centre (Jabatan Penerangan Daerah Segamat)

SEACO look  forward to continuing the successfully working relationship with Segamat District Public Information Centre.

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SEACO Participated with National Anti Drugs Agency programs

SEACO was invited by the National Anti-Drug Agency of Malaysia in Segamat district to give a health talk.

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Feature Computer Distribution to the community 

Computer Distribution to the Community

SEACO has moved one step ahead in order to engage with the community.

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SEACO Segamat Corona Risk Survey 

SEACO Segamat Corona Risk Survey, 86.5% Chinese thought chances to be infected is low

SEACO was featured in China Press newspaper on 15  August 2020.

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COVID-19 is not an obstacle to appreciate the spirit of independence

SEACO distributed flags and face masks to 100 selected respondents in five SEACO Segamat sub-districts.

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SEACO External Health Talk

SEACO was invited by the District Council of Labis, Segamat to provide briefings and health screening.

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Blood Donation Program

SEACO has assisted the Junior Chamber International Blood Donation.

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Feature Announcement - MCO 

Announcement - MCO

SEACO is going to close our headquarters according to the MCO that has been announced.

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Blood Donation Event with JCI 

Blood Donation Event with JCI

SEACO get an invitation together with JCI (Junior Chamber International) to organize a blood donation event in One Segamat Central.

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Feature Data Collectors Achiever.jpg 

Data Collectors Achiever

Congratulations to the Data Collectors team!

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Feature Malaysia Census 2020.jpg 

Malaysia Census 2020

SEACO attended the soft launch of the Population and Housing Census Malaysia 2020 by the Director of the Johor State Statistics Department.

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Feature Happy Womens Day.jpg 

Happy Womens Day

Empowered women empower women!

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Feature Visitor from the Queens University of Belfast.jpg 

Visitor from the Queens University of Belfast

We are so honored to have a visit from Dr. Gareth McKay from the Queen’s University of Belfast.

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Feature Social Welfare.jpg 

Social Welfare

SEACO had a constructive meeting with the Department of Social Welfare, Segamat  Malaysia, or commonly know as Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia (JKMM).

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My Mind Corner.jpg 

My Mind Corner

SEACO have an opportunity together to visit the Department of Psychiatry & Mental Health in Hospital Segamat.

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Feature DePEC.jpg 


There always things to learn and something to improve.

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Feature Update Round Announcement.jpg 

Update Round Announcement

Good news! Update Round 2020 now taking place in Chaah, Segamat from 17 February 2020 until 23 March 2020.

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Feature Chinese New Year Celebration Segamat.jpg 

Chinese New Year Celebration Segamat

We are so pleased to get an invitation to celebrating Chinese New Year with MP YB Natrah, jointly organized by JCI (Junior Chamber International).

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Feature Token distribution house to house.jpg 

Token distribution house to house

SEACO data collectors are distributing tokens to the respondent who agreed to take part in our projects in five sub-districts in Segamat.

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Feature Visitors from JCSMHS.jpg 

Visitors from JCSMHS

We do have a fruitful presentation and so pleased to welcome you guys anytime soon.

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Feature Meet and Greet with Ybhg Tuan Haji Nasri.jpg 

Meet and Greet with Ybhg Tuan Haji Nasri

SEACO continued its efforts to provide information and the findings of SEACO studies in Bekok, Segamat, in conjunction with the new district officer's friendly meeting.

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Feature Focus Group Discussion.jpg 

Focus Group Discussion

We have seen the many different ways educators approach teaching.

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Feature Coronavirus.jpg 


Coronavirus represents a wide variety of viruses present in animals that can, in certain circumstances, jump to humans.

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Feature Data collection Observation.jpg 

Data collection Observation

Today we have a data collection observation for Religion, Spirituality, and health study with Dr. Min Min Tan (research fellow) and visitor, Dr. James Woodall from the Leeds Becket University of England.

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Feature Beware of Impostors.jpg 

Beware of impostors

We understand that people nowadays are seriously beware of impostors.

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Feature Maulidur Rasul Celebration with SEACO respondents.jpg 

Maulidur Rasul Celebration with SEACO respondents

SEACO has been invited to come together to enliven the Maulidur Rasul celebration together with the community in Jabi.

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Feature MISS P Annual meeting 2019.jpg 

MISS P Annual Meeting 2019

MISS P Annual meeting 2019 has taking place in SEACO headquarters.

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Feature Update Round 2020.jpg 

Update Round 2020

SEACO ‘Update Round 2020’ project has provided the handgrip test as one of the research session.

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Feature SEACO continues an effort to keep the engagement with the local community.jpg 

SEACO continues an effort to keep the engagement with the local community

Important to maintain good relations between SEACO and the community.

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