Research & Training


As a research platform, SEACO was established to use the methodological approach of a demographic and health surveillance system in exploring a number of research topics spanning multiple disciplines. Demographic and Health Surveillance Sites (HDSS) are research platforms for the collection of longitudinal data on an enumerated population within a circumscribed geographical location.

SEACO staff out in the field

Unlike cohort studies, HDSS track whole populations, over time, making it possible to locate the individuals within the household and of the broader community. Included in the core data are the cultural, social, economic, physical, and geographical relationships between individuals, households and the community. At the barest minimum, accurate information on the occurrence of life events such as births, deaths, morbidity, marriage and migration (in and out), are regularly collected in update rounds that occur at least semi-annually. In addition to basic demographic information, modules covering health and nutritional status, health service utilisation, education and socio-economics form an important part of the update cycle.

Embedded or nested studies use the comprehensive sampling frame to explore issues of specific populations in greater detail. We actively encourage researchers interested in collaborating with us to contact Professor Tin Tin Su. We have an open process of review through our Scientific Advisory Group and Community Consultative Committee that facilitates research across the SEACO platform and protects the interests of the community in Segamat.

As part of the data collection process, SEACO staff hold short interviews with local respondents.

To ensure willing respondents know why their information is important, SEACO staff explain the community brief to them.

A respondent watches as a SEACO staff sticks up the Census sticker on his door.

Secondary data analysis

The strength of the SEACO Platform comes from its wealth of data collected across multiple domains and the expansion of the data pool over time. All data collected contributes to the growth of the platform, and more importantly, keeping with set privacy considerations, this data will be made accessible for mining and secondary analysis. Processes for accessing this data will be developed and approved through the SAG.

Please contact the SEACO Executives if you have an interest to work with SEACO.