SEACO in Sinar Harian – 8 February 2017

Title: 200 respondents help make SEACO feasibility study: Community Cohort a success

This article focuses on the ongoing SEACO Community Cohort feasibility study which is currently being conducted in five mukims (Sungai Segamat, Bekok, Chaah, Gemereh, Jabi) of Segamat. The project leader, Ms Gan Jing Ling stated that, the Community Cohort study aims to identify whether there is any relationship between parents and their children who suffer from non-communicable diseases and how common these diseases are at the family level in the Segamat district.

The study started in November 2016 and is expected to end in February 2017. In this study, a well-trained SEACO team visits a random sample of households to collect information on individual socio-demography and lifestyle. Blood is taken to identify whether the respondents have diabetes and excess fat in the blood, while urine and hair samples are collected to identify disease links to environmental and genetic factors. The bio-sample collection process is carried out by trained nurses.