SEACO’s Birthday

As we celebrate our 3 years anniversary, we would like to thank everyone who has been part of SEACO especially the Segamat Community. Despite our relative youth, with the help and dedicated work of all the people, we have managed to achieve the following: A project portfolio comprising 4 core projects and 14 short-term projects, a yearly increase in peer-reviewed publications since 2013, national impact through engagement with the Ministry of Health in both policy and implementation, international impact through establishment of collaborations with globally recognised top-tier universities and research institutes, our quality control and operating procedures that have been described as exceptional with ISO accreditation in the pipeline, Significant community buy in (evident by high response rates and participation in community engagement strategy), Rapidly growing repository of qualitative and quantitative data. We really hope to continue serving the community for many more years by providing salient and high quality data that can contribute to interdisciplinary research programs across public health, social and environmental sciences, demography, human geography, and the clinical and biomedical sciences.

SEACO'S Birthday 3 years anniversary