SEACO Celebrates 4th Anniversary in 2015

To all our staff, Community Advisors, respondents, stakeholders and friends of SEACO – we thank you all for your continued support and commitment to SEACO and to the health and well-being of Segamat. When SEACO started on 20 November 2011, we started with two employees and a group of well-wishers. They joined forces with us as they believed SEACO will bring good to their community. Four years later, a relatively short period of time, we have grown in staff capacity and our ability to support and undertake various local and international research collaborations. Most importantly we have become a household name in Segamat. It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as it is marked with the following milestones;  achievement of the first three years' KPIs, achievement of INDEPTH Associate Membership status, and the achievement of ISO9001:2008 certification making SEACO the first HDSS in the world to be ISO certified. All of the successes that we have seen are the results of a hardworking group, dedicated and relentless staff guided by our Community Advisors and supported by the “Friends of SEACO”. Together they continue to drive SEACO forward and have always been and will continue to be the secret to our success. The work we are doing here is not easy – nothing meaningful ever is. But we are all fortunate to be a part of an incredible team that is driving towards a purposeful mission. The Independent Review Panel that convened to assess the effectiveness and the activities of SEACO since its launch in November 2011 commended the team in the review report: “The SEACO team should be praised for their dedication, enthusiasm and attention to quality. The staff’s passion for the SEACO platform was evident at the SEACO office site visit, and there was a sense of pride in their work with the community and a satisfaction that they are making contributions to the community’s public health outcomes”. We are still learning how to manage our projects effectively and provide continuous value to all our stakeholders. And while we have certainly learned a tremendous amount, there is still much more work that needs to be done. Happy 4th Anniversary. Message from the SEACO Director.

SEACO Celebrates 4th Anniversary in 2015 - Penghulu