SEACO Friends Award Ceremony

The SEACO Friends Award Ceremony, held on 6 May 2015 was to honour community members and community leaders who have been instrumental in supporting SEACO with their community engagement efforts in Segamat since SEACO's inception. Our friends consist of our District Officer, District Health Director, Director of Segamat Hospital, Health Matrons, Nurses, Police Officers, Penghulus, Village Headmen, Community Leaders, Media Personnel, General Practitioners, Educationists,  FELDA and Plantation Managers. The support and contribution from these people have been greatly significant to SEACO's success. If it was not for them, SEACO would have had a more challenging time in gaining the community's support. People of Segamat today open their doors to cooperate with us and to take part in our research projects knowing well we have been fully endorsed by their community leaders. Our SEACO friends have helped to establish excellent rapport with the Segamat community to the extent that SEACO has become a household term in Segamat.

SEACO Friends Award - Full

SEACO Friends Award - Booth

SEACO Friends Award - Dr.Mokthar

SEACO Friends Award