Segamat Paediatric Eye Study (Feasibility)

Segamat children are taking part in a paediatric eye screening led by Dr. Kumar Thavaratnam from the Paediatric Ophthalmology team at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). The Head of Paediatrics at the Segamat District Hospital, Dr. Intan, and her team provided support as did Pn. Ruhaida Bachok and her Team from SEACO.  Paediatric eye screening is carried out routinely in the very young and again in older children. However, children in the 24 to 64 months age range are not routinely screened. Eye screening in this age group can detect early vision problems and correct them; a child's quality of life can be greatly improved as they enter the school years. The feasibility study is designed to determine the community’s acceptance of a large scale screening program. The study is part of a joint program of research between the Paediatric Ophthalmology team of Dr. Joseph Alagaratnam (HKL) with support from the Segamat District Hospital, the Segamat District Public Health Office and SEACO. On 25 October, 46 children (out of an expected 50) were screened. The screening has revealed a small number of children in need of corrective lenses and one child with a more serious eye condition.

Segamat Paediatric Eye Study (Feasibility) - Group