SEACO and Monash University Students Undertake: Field Methods in Anthropology and International Development in Segamat

SEACO hosted Australian Monash University students in July in Segamat to learn about the research methods in practice. With the assistance of SEACO staff, the students also demonstrated the approach used in community-based research. 19 students from Monash University Australia took part in the unit under the guidance of Dr. Narelle Warren and Dr. Bruce Missingham, both of which are experienced lecturers, researchers and academic supervisors. The initial interaction was in the form of a focus group discussion at SEACO to aid in the direction and planning of the projects in collaboration between the Australian students and Malaysian staff members. Only days after, the students and staff entered the field in groups of four research teams from 17 to 20 July 2016. The research teams used a variety of methods in order to extract data. Some of the methods included, focus groups, semi-formal interviews, mapping exercises and priority listing activities. The research teams selected the methods to be used independently based on their research requirements and the participants they had in session. Selected members of the Segamat community within the five SEACO’s sub-districts; Sg Segamat, Jabi, Gemereh, Bekok and Chaah were invited to participate in the sessions. The information obtained through this research will contribute to SEACO’s knowledge base and studies to improve the health and well-being of the community. The lessons learnt by both the Australian students and lecturers along with all of the SEACO staff were profound. SEACO would like to thank all who collaborated on this project.

Focus Group Discussion 2016 - Schooling and EducationSchooling and Education group

Focus Group Discussion 2016 - Family and Community Livelihoods Family and Community Livelihoods Group

Focus Group Discussion 2016 - Community Understandings of Heart Attack and StrokeCommunity Understandings of Heart Attack and Stroke

Focus Group Discussion 2016 - Health Mapping Health Mapping Group

Focus Group Discussion 2016 - AllAll SEACO staff and students get together in the dinner.