Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Principal Investigator, Dr. Narelle Warren having a discussion with CEC Members

On 25 October 2017, a meeting was setup between CEC Members and FGD Principal Investigator, Dr. Narelle Warren. Among the present were; Mr. Azman bin Abu Bakar, the Headman of Bekok (Penghulu Mukim Bekok); Mr. Mahathir bin Ab Ghani, the Headman of Gemereh (Penghulu Mukim Gemereh); Tuan Haji Hassan bin Sitam, Head of Village of Sungai Segamat District (Ketua Kampung, Mukim Sungai Segamat); Tuan Haji Ninggal bin Baba Ahli, Secretary and Treasurer for CEC Sungai Segamat District (Setiausaha dan Bendahari CEC Mukim Sungai Segamat); Madam Tee Siok Ching, CEC Member (Ahli Jawatankuasa Penglibatan Komuniti); Madam Fatmah binti Mohd@Bakar, CEC Member (Ahli Jawatankuasa Penglibatan Komuniti). They discussed on the health issues that occurred the most in their sub-districts. Dr. Narelle also shared her opinion and suggestions with the CEC Members present in the discussion session. They also covered programs and events that could be done in the near future.

Dr. Narelle Warren having discussion with CEC Members