SEACO welcomed Prof. Sharon Pickering, Dr. Narelle Warren, Dr. Michaela Goodson & Dr. Tan Maw Pin

On 8 November 2017, SEACO received a visit from Prof. Sharon Pickering, Dr. Michaela Goodson, Dr. Narelle Warren & Dr. Tan Maw Pin. They were greeted by the director of SEACO himself, Prof. Daniel Reidpath and SEACO's Platform Manager, Nirmala Devarajan. Prof. Sharon is a Professor of Criminology and the Dean of Arts at Monash University, Australia. She researches irregular border crossings and has written in the areas of refugees and trafficking with a focus on gender and human rights. Dr. Narelle is the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Principal Investigator, who is also a medical anthropologist, focused on understanding the relationship between the lived experience of neurological conditions, biomedical representations of the brain and temporality, and has been conducting her research in Malaysia since 2011. Dr. Michaela is the Dean of Research, Newcastle University Medicine, Malaysia. She leads the Research agenda for Newcastle University’s satellite campus in Malaysia. Dr. Tan Maw Pin is currently an Associate Professor in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Malaya. Her area of expertise is in Internal Medicine & Geriatric Medicine. Prof. Sharon, Dr. Michaela, Dr. Narelle & Dr. Tan were briefed on SEACO during their visit at the booth presentation session. All their questions were answered by the SEACO staff who had presented that day.

SEACO welcomed Professor Sharon Pickering