Farewell Prof.Daniel D.Reidpath

We are lucky to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard or actually we don’t want to say goodbye at all.  The Director of SEACO Asia, Prof.Daniel Reidpath recently bid adieu to the company as he having accepted a position at ICDDR, B in Bangladesh as Senior Director, Health Systems.

As he said, “September this year will mark my 10th Anniversary with Monash University Malaysia, my 10th year working to establish SEACO and almost 8 years of SEACO itself. Establishing SEACO has been my career highlight and I am so grateful that I was able to share a lot of that journey with all of you. “

SEACO Deputy Director, Prof.Tin Tin Su also give a speech, followed by CEC chairperson, Mr.Ramasamy, Community Advisor Madam Kong and fellows from Monash University; Prof. Shah.

Prof Daniel also said that he is looking forward to finishing up various things before he goes and looks forward to opportunities to continue collaborations.

“Prof Tin Tin has stepped in her role in SEACO extremely well and I am very sure I leave it in good hands,” he adds.

SEACO staff Rafi said that he had very high respect for Prof.Daniel. “He gave us visions. He is the founder of SEACO, and we will continue what he has started with integrity”.

Prof.Daniel described as a very humble person. As a symbolics of the farewell, we gave him “Tanjak” as something that he will remember Malaysia; in other words, remember us.

Farewell Prof.Daniel D.Reidpath

To Prof. Daniel D.Reidpath, Good luck for your future endeavors, this is not the end, and we would say see you again rather than goodbye.